Top 5 Reasons to Buy Aluminum Railings

Thanks, everybody, for SO much interest in my blog! Who knew aluminum railings were this interesting?

Since we are all sold on the sleek, sophisticated look of modern aluminum railings, let’s get serious and discuss the benefits of having aluminum railings inside (and outside!) our homes.

5. Can you say low maintenance?

Just a little soap and water once or twice a year is all it takes. It’s no big deal if we forget, but it’s a good idea to give the rails a little cleaning once in a while.

4. Mother Nature, meet my new aluminum railings!

Aluminum is both lightweight and strong, but so are other construction materials. Our coastal construction requires us to consider the elements as a significant factor in home-buying decisions. Everyone talks about water deteriorating construction materials, and yes, moisture is a big deal – huge! But we Floridians know that sun exposure can be just as taxing on construction materials.

Aluminum develops a natural, protective oxide coating, which isn’t good enough for us. We take natural aluminum’s natural corrosion resistance to a higher level at Iron Transformation, LLC. We offer you two types of extra protection – powder coating and marine grade paint – to amp up corrosion resistance.

3. Show me the money $$$

Aluminum railings are a cost-effective long-term investment that adds value to our homes. Aluminum is an abundant metal, making it a lower cost raw material. Installation is less expensive because aluminum is lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum railings not only last for decades but also retain their attractive aesthetic much better than other materials, like vinyl.

2. You’re Safe!

Materials that decay over time present safety hazards. We don’t have to worry about our grandchildren getting injured due to an old, rotten, wooden handrail or even vinyl handrails. Don’t get me wrong, vinyl is great and it will last a good while, but vinyl won’t outlast, out protect, or outperform aluminum rails. Ever.

1. Look!

And finally, dear neighbors, the #1 reason to buy aluminum rails … are you kidding? Just look at them! They look awesome!

Railings, gates, pool enclosures, and more, aluminum is the perfect construction material for modern interior and exterior design. Create breathtaking new construction or enhance home, sweet home. Aluminum does it all beautifully.