What Does Your Front Door Say About You? First Impressions Count.

wrought iron and glas double swing front door

When you enter someone else’s home, you immediately begin to make assumptions about that person. Are they tidy? Are they messy? Do they care about their home? What kind of furniture do they have? What kind of books are on the shelves? These questions and more will run through your mind as soon as you cross their threshold. I know this because I’m an interior designer who has studied first impressions for years. So let me tell you: there is a lot more going on than meets the eye when it comes to what your front door says about you.

From the moment your front door comes into view, people make assumptions about who you are and what kind of home you have.

From the moment your front door comes into view, people make assumptions about who you are and what kind of home you have.

As a realtor, I know that these first impressions matter. If your front door is worn or damaged and the yard is overgrown with weeds, people will assume that nothing inside the house will be well maintained. As a homeowner, it’s important to keep up appearances so that buyers associate positive attributes with your home as they approach it for sale or rent.

A red door screams, “I’m confident, sassy, and set on making a lasting impression.”

The color red is a powerful one. It conveys passion, love and courage. It’s also associated with the heart and has been used as a symbol of blood for centuries. Red’s association with blood makes it a sign of power, strength and energy—but it can be a bit intense for some people.

Many of you have probably heard that red is considered the most romantic color on earth (and we should all agree that it certainly gives off that vibe!). If you’re wearing an outfit in this hue or if your door is painted this shade, then chances are you want people to notice how confident and sassy you are when they see your front door!

The best part about having a red door? The color represents warmth, energy, and excitement—but not everyone likes being associated with such boldness (especially if they’re going through dry spells). This might explain why so many people shy away from this particular hue when choosing their exterior paint job; however if things start heating up at home or work soon enough, then maybe it’s time for them to reconsider (or perhaps even try out some new colors like pink or orange instead).

A black door says “I know exactly what I want in life, and I’m not afraid to go out and pursue it.”

Black is a popular color for front doors, and for good reason. It’s a neutral color that can give a space an elegant, upscale feel. Black is also durable and easy to maintain, so if you’re looking to keep your door in its best shape possible, this is the way to go.

Though black isn’t the most eye-catching choice when it comes to paint colors (that honor goes to red or yellow), it still makes one of the most dramatic statements on front doors because of its association with luxury and elegance. This could be due in part to black being associated with sophistication and formality—but whatever it may be driven by, there’s no doubt that what matters most here is how much you love your home!

A purple door tells others, “I’m creative, artistic, and outside the box.”

Purple is a calming color, and it can be relaxing for introverts. This can help you keep cool when your date arrives or even if you’re just meeting them for the first time. Purple is also royalty, so it can come across as confident. If you are an artist or designer, purple might be a good choice because this color is associated with creativity and imagination.

A blue door whispers to guests, “I’m calm, cool, and collected.” Blue is an introvert’s best friend.

Blue is a calming color, which makes sense considering how often we associate it with nature and the ocean. Blue’s soothing effect can be amplified when paired with white or other light colors. A blue door says, “I’m calm, cool, and collected,” which is perfect if you want to convey to guests that there are no surprises here—you don’t have any skeletons in your closet!

Blue also has an association with being peaceful and quiet (like water) which makes it ideal for those who aren’t comfortable being the center of attention when hosting guests at their home.


Every color has a meaning, but it’s up to you to determine what that means for your home. If you’re not sure where to start and would like some guidance, we’d love to help!