News in aluminum windows in 2021

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News in aluminum windows in 2021

Buying windows is something that happens very rarely in life. Therefore, people who face this situation do not want to make mistakes when choosing them. The decision is not usually easy, because there are a lot of types of windows, different models and varieties in each model, types of materials and benefits according to our choice.

The three fundamental aspects that must be considered when choosing the type of window that we are going to install are:

  • The type of profiling
  • The type of glass or crystal
  • The type of opening
  • Design

Each material, each complement, each design decision has positive and negative points, making them more suitable for some needs or others, for some areas or others, to solve some challenges or others.

A few years ago, each material conditioned the color of the window. PVC windows practically only had the possibility of being sold in their characteristic white base color.

Now, however, everything has changed thanks to the folios, which not only give color, but also texture and shine to the windows, with aesthetic possibilities previously unthinkable. Which, together with the trend to stop hiding the windows behind thick curtains to give them a leading role in the style and decoration of the home, has been a revolution in the sector.

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