How to choose the best doors for your house?

How to choose the best doors for your house?

If you want your house to have personality and character, one of the first elements that you have to pay attention to are the doors. Among its main functions are to separate spaces or protect privacy in the different rooms, but interior doors, today, are much more than that. They provide style and are capable of giving a totally different air to your home, transforming any room and helping to create contemporary, airy, elegant spaces …

Entrance doors, high security

The entrance or exterior door is the presentation of your house. Choosing the right type, design and color is important, but safety is no less so.

In this case, and for both buildings and country houses, entrance doors made with openable systems are recommended, which provide a high level of security and tightness. Among their advantages, they allow a wide variety of steel reinforcements, as well as panels, reinforced glass and other accessories. For a better homogeneity, the practicable entrance doors can be manufactured with the same design and finish as the windows.

Little space? Sliding doors

They are usually the perfect solution for small spaces, saving an average of 1.5 m² compared to conventional ones. We see them in kitchens, offices, and of course terraces, and they give great elegance to all kinds of spaces. We can distinguish between different types of sliding doors, such as horizontal, smooth-sliding; and the elevator slide, horizontal displacement, in which the leaf is raised to support the weight. We must take into account the design, if we want them to be completely glass (creating a very attractive effect), in addition to comfort, and thermal and acoustic insulation.

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