Best 7 Wrought Iron Door Styles for Homes

Best 7 Wrought Iron Door Styles for Homes

Wrought iron is a durable material with superior properties used in various applications, from railroads and ships to gates and fences. But it’s probably best known today as a structural and design element in homes and business establishments. In particular, it makes exterior doors look inviting and elegant.

Installing a wrought iron front door is a practical and aesthetic choice you won’t regret. Yet, you might worry about picking the wrong one from the extensive list of wrought iron door designs present in the market. 

In this blog, we have compiled seven exceptional styles, with a corresponding review for each option, to help simplify your decision-making. But before walking you through the collection, let’s first check out the benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Wrought Iron Doors

To ensure you’re making the right choice, we’ll briefly discuss the reasons you should go for this door type:

  • It’s durable. Wrought iron is strong and sturdy. Able to withstand wear and tear, it’s perfect for front doors, especially those exposed to heavy foot traffic and the elements.
  • Plenty of decorative options. Whether you’re integrating this luxury front door into your modern home or installing it to complete your Victorian-inspired one, it’s apparent how it adds value to your property. If anything, it enhances your curb appeal, an essential factor for those planning to flip or resell their house at some point. 
  • Highly customizable. Due to the malleability of its material, this door type can be custom-designed to match your taste perfectly.

Best 7 Wrought Iron Door Designs for Homes

Aside from the safety and protection they offer, wrought iron doors serve as a fancy and aesthetically pleasing focal point for your home. Further, they come in different styles that allow you to tell a story the way you want.

Contemporary Wrought Iron Doors

Simple lines meet bold patterns in this timeless, classy style. Ideal at entrances, contemporary wrought iron doors instantly give your home a facelift. They wow strangers on the streets and impress guests standing up close. 

The eye-catching patterns are hard to miss, even from a mile away. And so it’s recommended to fit your door with Low-E clear glass or frosted glass to ensure your privacy and protection are not compromised.

Classical Iron Doors

Traditional iron doors have a stately, old-world appeal that can transport guests centuries back and take their breath away. The intricate details of the iron scrollwork might have something to do with this.

If you don’t mind creating that effect on people, feel free to update your entryway with this iron door or install it in your new home. You’ll love the amount of light it can let in through the gaps while keeping you generally safe inside.

Wrought Iron French Doors

French chateaus inspire this wrought iron door style. It is known for its understated charm, which easily takes your home’s appearance up a notch. With a French iron door, you can enjoy any view and ample natural light. 

Traditional treatments are quite popular, but more modern designs are also rising in demand. Either way, you can get your door tailored-fit to your specifications, with the details handcrafted by artisans.

European Wrought Iron Doors

Whether you want to relive taking a stroll down the residential streets of Europe or imagine what it’s like, this design can make your desires come true. European iron doors are ornate and ageless, evoking an endless sense of curiosity. Even you, the homeowner, may never tire of looking at them.

Practically speaking, they’re also pretty functional. For example, you don’t need to open the door to get good ventilation.

Abstract Iron Doors

These iron doors have distinct circles, squares, and lines that differentiate them immediately from other wrought iron door designs. This offers a modern take on the swirls and other intricate patterns we are used to seeing in European-inspired styles.

Even so, this unique look makes them perfect for ultra-modern houses, which benefit from the wrought iron’s strength and durability.

Mediterranean Iron Doors

This door style usually features floral and artistic designs created with nice, curved lines. But what makes it a much more interesting sight is its combination of sophisticated elegance and rustic charm.

There’s no doubt a custom Mediterranean iron door will bolster the value of your home. Given the curiosity it might attract, though, it’s a good thing it comes with a glass door for added safety and protection.

Rustic Iron Doors

This option does not venture too far from home. Inspired by American farmhouses, this style is beautiful in its simplicity. It exudes an elegant yet relaxed vibe. If you want to go easy on the iron scrollwork, this is the wrought iron door design for you.

Further, this option allows you to install opaque windows to maximize your privacy. That’s a smart way to elevate your home’s aesthetic and security features.

Get A Fully Customized Wrought Iron Door in Florida

Now that you have narrowed down the best designs, it’s time to personalize your iron door plan and bring it to life.

Iron Transformation is here to help you nail this part. We consider all areas of customization – including size, color, swing, and design – to ensure we’re building high-quality products for our customers. All our iron doors come with impact-resistant glass that meet Florida’s requirements. In addition, we manufacture them in our workshop and craft the scrollwork and bar twists by hand.

Contact us to learn more about our exclusive iron products and services.

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