A Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Types, Uses and Costs

Fences are a great way to achieve privacy and security for your home and property. However, many homeowners are tasked with a difficult choice when deciding which type of fence to use. Below, we guide the most common fencing types, their uses, and average costs. 

Types of Materials Used for a Home Fence 

Many options are available when it comes to enclosing your property. The choices are endless in between wood, vinyl, and iron fencing! 

Wood Fence

One of the most popular choices for fencing is wood. They are seen around neighborhoods more often than iron fences and gates because of the versatility of uses, styles, and affordable price points. 

On average, wood fencing costs $15 to $45 per linear foot, depending on the size of the property and the labor efforts involved. It is important to note that wood fencing is prone to rot, decay, and insect infestation. Thus, they require more maintenance, like an iron fence, than other materials. 

Vinyl Fence 

If you’re concerned about rotting and decay, a vinyl fence may be a good choice, especially if you live along a coast or in a humid climate. The saltwater or excess moisture levels lead to rotting, warping, and termites on wooden fences, making vinyl a better choice in these conditions. They also provide a good amount of seclusion and privacy. 

The vinyl fence installation may cost $15 to $40 per linear foot, depending on the fence type, project size, and labor costs. Though this cost is lower than the average installation of a wrought iron fence, you won’t get the option of custom metal railing or fence available with iron fencing. 

If you care more about the security aspect offered by a fence rather than the aesthetics, a chain link fence may be a great option. They are far more affordable, costing between $9 to $30 per linear foot. This type of fencing doesn’t usually offer the possibilities of custom metal gates or custom iron works with more pricier options. Still, it does ward off any unwelcome strangers from your property. 

Wrought Iron Fencing 

Wrought iron fencing is one of the most popular choices in the fencing market. It is strong, durable, and resistant to damage from weather and pests. This is an excellent option for a home fence because iron fences and gates are easy to customize and provide high security. Though the cost is slightly higher than other fence types, wrought iron fences and gates are the more cost-effective options. 

Premium Iron Fences and Gates Available to You! 

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